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RF2Spare can assist your station in filing for class and channel upgrades; area-to-locate studies and maps; and interference studies.  Click here for examples.

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Stay on the air with a leased transmitter from RF2Spare


The founder of RF2Spare, Jim Withers, has over 20 years experience preparing and filing applications and exhibits with the FCC.  When you need to know how your station is performing with a leased transmitter, we can help. Operating at less than full power requires permission from the FCC in the form of an STA, if that operation will continue for more than 10 days.  RF2Spare can help you remain compliant. 

Our mapping software also supports Section 73.207 area to locate studies and 73.215 contour protected interference studies.  If you need custom mapping services or engineering help, give us a call!

Solid state devices have changed a lot in 30 years!  In 1980, 50 watts out of a single discrete device was a stretch.  35 years later we're at 500 watts and counting!  At RF2Spare, we specialize in custom replacements of older solid state amplifier modules with newer, higher power and more efficient "pallet" amplifiers.  

Breathe new life into that old IPA.  Call RF2Spare at 314-305-8571 for a custom quote.

We're There With Your Spare!


RF2Spare is owned and operated by broadcasters with a combined experience of over 50 years in station management and ownership.  Beginning with our formation in 2012 RF2Spare has concentrated on building an inventory of transmitter equipment available for lease literally on a moments notice.  From a 30 watt exciter to a 25 kilowatt transmitter; from two weeks to four years, we've leased it all.  We have a warehouse of parts from older transmitters, if you need something no longer available from the manufacturer.  Consider us your business partner, your contract engineer, and your equipment supplier, all rolled into one.  When you really need one, RF2Spare is there with your spare! 

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Parts and Upgrades

A new 500 watt pallet amplifier ready to be installed in a BE 250 watt IPA chassis.  This modification allows one IPA to fully drive a BE25/30/35 kilowatt transmitter without the complexity of the original Wilkenson splitters and combiners.  Mounted on the original 250 watt amplifier heatsink, this upgrade is pin for pin compatible with the original, and offers increased efficiency, much better VSWR tolerance and lower drive requirements!

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RF2Spare occasionally purchasesused transmitters for reconditioning and resale.  All units are sold on an as-is basis.

Equipment available for lease includes:

PTEK Gamma 3000, 3KW

BE 500 watt transmitter

Energy-Onix FM-30 exciter

BE-500 watt IPA

"We had a major rebuild to do on our older BE FM30.  We turned to RF2Spare and they shipped us a 3000watt solid state transmitter along with all the coax adapters and cables we needed.  It was plug and play...they even sent a remote control cable for our Sicon remote site controller!"

Scott Holt, General Manager

KYRK Radio

Corpus Christi, Texas

At RF2Spare, we know that when your transmitter is down your business is down, which is why we offer leased transmitters in flyaway cases ready to ship in as quick as two hours.  RF2Spare also provides engineering services to make sure you stay FCC compliant while using one of our emergency transmitters.  Protect your station from extended outages that can cause a loss of advertiser confidence and huge operating losses.  Stay on the air for a fraction of a cost of owning a spare transmitter that you might never need.  Get credit pre-approval for faster shipping.  Call 314-305-8571 or e-mail us at info@rf2spare.com today!

RF2Spare is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with broadcasters, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the transmitters we lease to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 


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Located in St. Louis County, Missouri, RF2Spare is just minutes from Lambert/St. Louis International Airport, and major shipping hubs for FedEx and UPS.  Call us by 8PM Monday through Saturday, and you can usually get one of our leased transmitter packages by 10AM the next day.  Expedited Airline Freight is also available.  When it's mission critical, it's got to be RF2Spare.  

A Reliable Spare....

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Every RF2Spare leased transmitter is fully tested and its operation verified before it is shipped.  Transmitters are shipped in high impact shipping cases with coax adapters, jumpers and appropriate A/C cables.  Everything you will need to plug it in and get back on the air, FAST!